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I hope everyone’s new year is going as expected and all New Year’s Resolutions continue to be in full effect. After completely losing my voice for 5 days and shortly after catching the stomach bug, 2010 has started off a little rocky for Brooke Rainey Photos, but nothing that will keep me down for long. It’s hard to complain too much when we are constantly seeing the ongoing chaos and devastation in Haiti. Talk about putting things in perspective.

I recently came across this quote posted on a friend’s blog who is currently battling brain cancer. I think it speaks for itself…..
“If I had really cared, as I thought I did, about the sorrows of the world, I should not have been so overwhelmed when my own sorrow came” – C.S. Lewis


On a MUCH lighter note, here is my first newborn post for 2010. (Technically, this little guy was born in 2009, but see my above disclaimer for the delay.) Isn’t his hair adorable?