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I have never been more excited to have a blog than today. I just found THE COOLEST video I’ve ever seen, and I want to share it with as many people as possible. An amazing photographer, Max Wanger, recently got married and this is a clip from his wedding by Shark Pig. To me, this is pure, absolute art. Watching it makes me wish so badly that I had been there celebrating such a happy time with these two people I’ve never even met! I can see how deep their love is for each other and how happy the rest of their lives are going to be ….. and I’m getting all that from a 2-minute clip. Seriously, I feel like I need to send them a wedding gift now. Anything that can conjure up these kinds of emotions in me for complete strangers is a true masterpiece.

This objective is what drives me daily as a photographer. I want to take pictures that evoke feelings every time you – and complete strangers – look at them. We all deserve our own, personal masterpieces, right? Enjoy!

Max, Margaux, & The Marvelows from Shark Pig on Vimeo.


This engagement shoot was by far one of the most fun – and creative – shoots I’ve had in a long time, and all the credit goes to THE GUY, which is definitely a first. It’s not that I’m this diehard feminist and think that only women are capable of creative ideas. It’ s just been my experience as a photographer that most guys are as enthusiastic about getting their picture made as they are about going to a Celine Dion concert. Monique  called earlier in the year to schedule a session for her and her boyfriend to take some professional pictures. She informed me that they technically weren’t engaged, but they still needed some nice pictures of the two of them. Several weeks later, unbeknownst to Monique, Phillip secretly called and informed me that he was planning on proposing….during the session. So, needless to say, Monique was totally surprised and thrilled beyond words, and it was all captured on film (or memory card.) We all agreed that it was one of the happiest moments of our lives.:)

Well, they got married a couple of weeks ago, and I was lucky enough to get to share this day with them as well. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony for two very beautiful people who clearly were made for each other.

And, just in case a diamond company ever contacts me needing an ad stat, I’m ready for them. Or maybe a perfume ad?


It’s been confirmed. I am officially the LAST photographer on this planet to start a blog. I’m not even sure what my aversion was to starting a blog was either. Maybe I was subconsciously trying to rebel against the photography world . . . to make the statement that I didn’t need this communication channel that 9,336,432 photographers world-wide appeared to find crucial to their business? Maybe I’m secretly a 95 year-old woman who simply can’t grasp the concept of blogging? Regardless of the reason, it’s time I stepped up to the plate and started showing off some of my amazing clients that I am so, so blessed to have.

It seems appropriate to me that my first official post be about a favorite job I’ve had recently. Last month I had the opportunity to shoot Brigett and Jonathan’s wedding in Arab, Alabama. (Sidenote: last year was my year for destination weddings – Anguilla, Mexico, Seattle, West Palm Beach, and more. Naturally, this year, my friends and family have asked me what destination weddings I have on tap, to which I reply having this wedding in the booming metropolis of Arab, Alabama.) As you can see from the pictures below, Brigett was a BEAUTIFUL bride. And as cliche as it sounds, she honestly was even more beautiful on the inside than on the outside. She and Jonathan were thrilled to death to be marrying each other, which for a photographer, translates into a dream couple.  They had so much excitement and gratitude for each other that it was almost impossible not to capture that energy in every single picture. To view a slideshow of their wedding, click here: Brigett & Jonathan

I’ll post some more this afternoon!


bride outside

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